Ethical management
STIC Investments - Ethical Management

Since its foundation, STIC Investments ("STIC") has been continuously making its efforts to contribute to the community by executing ethical investments. STIC has also been utilizing its resources to enhance its management transparency and ethics within the company.

STIC established its own Code of Ethics which specifies the matters that all executives and employees of the company should abide by. The main contents are as follows.

First, as part of management and employee ethics, all members of the company shall maintain high moral values and transparency, stay well-versed in their work, and fulfill their responsibilities by cultivating their expertise.

Second, as part of company ethics, the company shall ethically and faithfully implement its management philosophy through principle-centered operations that comply with company regulations and related laws.

Third, as part of its investor ethics, the company shall put investor interests as its top priority and justly provide its investors with values and benefits.

Fourth, as part of its shareholder ethics, the company shall do its best to provide fair and stable profits to its shareholders and protect their rights and interests through transparent and efficient management.

Fifth, as part of its social ethics, the company shall respect community values by complying with various local laws and carrying out projects that will ultimately benefit the community.

As a result of all employees' active participation in ethical management, STIC is confident that it has established a sound, sophisticated business operations system, maintained healthy financial conditions, and contributed greatly to the prosperity of the people, who are the ultimate investors of the company.

All executives and employees of STIC and its related companies will continue to implement and develop ethical management within the franchise.