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Company Overview

​STIC Investments, Inc. (“STIC”) is one of the largest and most experienced private equity firms in Korea. STIC seeks to create growth and prosperity in economies across Asia through investing in companies that engage in promising businesses.

Starting its operations as a venture capital firm in 1999, STIC is now renowned as a leading private equity firm in Korea with proven 20-year track record and abundant investment experience in multiple business cycles.

STIC’s global investor base includes sovereign wealth funds, public pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutions, family offices, endowments, foundations, and fund of funds from Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Europe.​
By the Numbers
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    US$ 6.7 billion
    Accumulated AUM
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Responsible Investors
STIC has been a responsible investor since its foundation. STIC always puts Environmental, Social, Governance ("ESG") interests as top priority when making investments. Our investments are socially responsible investments that ultimately create sustainable environment and protect social interests.
ESG Considerations
STIC fully integrates ESG considerations in its investment process.

Prior to making an investment, STIC reviews how the target companies manage or are impacted by ESG issues as part of the due diligence process. After making an investment, STIC develops ESG action plans to assist the portfolio company's management to secure ESG initiatives. We keep regular communications with the management to check if the initiatives are not breached, and co-develop solutions with them when necessary.

For more information on our firm's ESG initiatives, please contact below.

STIC Investments ESG Team
Sustainability Report
STIC Investments has published its first sustainability report in an effort to share financial and ESG performance outcomes with various stakeholders. This report contains STIC’s passion and sincerity for ESG as well as our ESG policies and practices. We hope that STIC’s efforts are fully delivered to stakeholders, as we expect to spread ESG values together with our broader stakeholders.
Our History


Establishment of Singapore office
Spinoff of STIC Ventures
Establishment of Ho Chi Minh City offices.
Foundation of the firm